Drive In & Collect at JW Clark

JW Clark Grab Hire and Aggregates also run a Drive-in and collect merchants’ yard, which is located at Chowns Mill Business Park, Station Road, Irthlingborough, NN9 5QQ.

At our Drive-in and collect (DIC) yard, we sell a variety of things from aggregates to hand tools to drainage and much more.

Our aggregates can be collected loose by the tonne or less if necessary or in jumbo bags.  Aggregates can be loaded to pick up trucks/tippers or vans as we have a loading shovel and a forklift to be able to lift jumbo bags into vans. our loading shovel has onboard scales to ensure that you are getting the correct amount, please note our jumbo bags weigh around 850KG. 

Aggregates Services in Bedford, Northampton, Corby, Kettering & Wellingborough

Loose Aggregates

We can supply the following aggregates lose from our drive in and collect yard: Type 1 MOT, Type 1 Recycled, Building Sand, Sharp Sand, Ballast, 10mm Gravel, 20mm Gravel, 10mm Topsoil, and Granite Dust.

Aggregates Jumbo Bags

We can supply the following aggregates in jumbo bags from our drive in and collect yard: Type 1 MOT, Type 1 Recycled, Building Sand, Sharp Sand, Ballast, 10mm Gravel, 20mm Gravel, 10mm Topsoil, Granite Dust and Firewood (please note this is seasonal).

As well as the above we can also supply the following decorative aggregates in jumbo bags: 40mm Plum Slate, 40mm Blue Slate, 20mm Cotswold Stone Chippings, 20mm Sunset Red Chippings, 20mm Forest Green Chippings, 20mm Twilight Grey Chippings, 20-45mm Coastal Pebbles.

25kg Aggregate Bags

We can supply the following aggregates in 25KG bags from our drive in and collect yard: Type 1 MOT, Type 1 Recycled, Building Sand, Sharp Sand, Ballast, 10mm Gravel, 20mm Gravel, 10mm Topsoil and Granite Dust.

We also have the following decorative aggregates available in smaller 25KG bags: (for a last little top-up or a smaller area) 40mm Plum Slate, 40mm Blue Slate, 14-20mm Caledonian Pebbles, 20mm Cotswold Stone Chippings, 20mm Twilight Grey Chippings.

JW Clark Drive In & Collect Shop

At our Drive in and collect shop, we have the following available to buy: Stihl Saws, Diamond Cutting Blades, Rolls of plastic DPM 4m x 25m, Long rolls of black membrane 100m x 4.5m, 300mm cutting blades pack of 5, 5 pack dust mask, 5m Tape Measure, 8m Tape Measure, Brushes, Buckets, Sledgehammers, Chain W/Padlock, Square mouth shovels, Taper mouth shovels, Long digging grafts, Duct Tape, Dust Masks, Ear Muffs, Grass Seed, Orange Gloves (12 pack and 6 packs), Handsaws, Hard hats, Snap off Knives, Manhole Keys, Pipe Lube Tub 1kg, Safety Goggles, Stihl 2 Stroke Oil Red, String on Reel, Transformers, Transformers Cable, White Line Marking Spray, Blue Line Marking Spray, Yellow Line Marking Spray, Red Line Marking Spray, Wheelbarrows, Mortar Admix, ACO’s Stop ends, 25KG bags of Charcoal.

We can also offer underground drainage from our drive-in and collect yard, we have the following readily available to buy: Pot to the plastic collar, Plastic to plastic collars, Slip Collar, Collar, Single Socket 90 degree bends, Single Socket 45 degree bends, Single socket 30 degree bends, Single socket 15 degree bends, T Junctions, Y Junctions, Double socket 90 degree bends, Double socket 45 degree bends, Double socket 30 degree bends, Double socket 15 degree bends, Small Manhole bases, Small Manhole risers, Small Manhole lid & Frames, Small Manhole square lid & frames, Large Manhole base, Large Manhole risers, Large Manhole lids, Large Manhole Square Lids, 450mm riser seal, Bottle Gully (round), Bottle Gully (square Adapter), 3m pipes (socketed), Rest Bends 90 degree single, Rest Bends 90 degree double, Lubricant, Socket Plugs, Rainwater Adapter, Rodding Eye square Black, Aluminium Rodding Eye oval, Block Paving Lid 600 x 450 x 65 Steel with Frame.

 We offer a ring and collect service from our drive in and collect yard whereby you can call ahead on 01933 628273 and we will get your collection ready for you. Alternatively, you can book online today to secure your aggregates from JW Clark. If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team, for contact details head over to our contact page.


How Does It Work?

JW Clark Drive In & Collect
Stage 1

If you’re in a rush, call or text us 10 minutes before you arrive - or you can simply drive in whenever you like!

Stage 2

No need to come into reception - the loading shovel driver will have your ticket printed and ready to sign.

Stage 3

That’s it! Call us now on 01933 628273 or text us on 07769 208777.

  • All account and non-account customers welcome!
  • All aggregates can be collected loose or in jumbo bags
  • All underground drainage including pipes, bends and junctions
  • Cement supplied in plastic bags

Why Use JW Clark?

Our Reputation

All of our vehicles are kept clean and well presented and adhere to strict maintenance schedules.

Drivers working for JW Clark shall be shall be qualified operators of both the lorry and of the HIAB crane and shall carry certification with them at all times as proof of their training.

Our Dedication

We are dedicated to both the construction industry and to domestic customers undertaking construction work.

Our aim is to provide a fresh and forward-looking service based on the principles of good customer service, good communication and reliability.

Our Communication

We shall always aim to arrive on site within the time slot given. In the event that we are delayed on a previous job we will always call to supply you with an updated arrival time.

Drivers shall  be polite and courteous to customers at all times. Drivers shall never use bad language and shall never smoke on anybody else’s site.

Did You Know?

Did You Know

Our customers can text us to 07769 208777 with their orders, amendments to orders and also give advance notice that they’re coming to collect from us – in order that we can get their collection ready for when they come.

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