What Is Plant Haulage?

   30 December 2022

In the world of construction, the term ‘plant’ refers to the equipment and machinery used in industrial operations, be it factory work, on a building site, or in and around the transportation industry. Haulage, meanwhile, focuses on movement and taking goods from one point to another – meaning that plant haulage as a service focuses on the movement of specialist equipment and heavy-duty industrial machinery from point A to point B.

Definitions out of the way, what exactly does this service involve and is it something that your business could benefit from to get the job done more quickly and more safely?

Dumpers on site, yellow fleet of dumpers.

Which Industries Use Plant Haulage?

If you work on a building site, in construction, in a factory, as part of the train and transportation network, in event logistics, or anywhere in the delivery sector, then you will be familiar with plant machinery. More than that, you will know how large and heavy this machinery is, and as such will understand how difficult it is to move.

While many of the large plant vehicles and pieces of machinery are designed themselves to load and transport goods, when it comes to moving the machinery itself you need specialist haulage equipment – which is where our services come in.

But it’s not necessarily as easy as it sounds. In some instances, plant haulage requires dismantling machinery before moving it, which in itself needs special attention to detail and the know-how of industry professionals who are experienced in dismantling and rebuilding machinery safely and efficiently.

To look specifically at the industries we work with, just some examples include the fishing industry, the construction industry, the transportation industry, and the mining industry. All of these rely on heavy goods machinery to keep them operational and working efficiently – with plant haulage services offering third-party support as and when such machinery needs to be moved.

With that said, what services do we offer and how can JW Clark help you?


JW Clark Plant Haulage Services

A complex and no doubt specialist service, it follows that plant haulage is not necessarily kind to your business's budget. Working with a company like JW Clark makes logistics and plant haulage not only as cost-effective as possible but easy to navigate and work into your schedule – with our team working efficiently across all our plant hire and haulage services. This means that, whether you have machinery on site that needs moving or need to hire a piece of machinery for a period of time, we’ve got the solution for you.

If you need quick access to a digger, dumper, excavator, or small piece of plant machinery, our team can work with you to identify what it is you need and get it out to you as quickly as possible using our effective haulage service.

To discuss our plant hire or to find out more about transporting existing machinery and plant equipment you have on-site, reach out to our team directly – who will be able to talk you through the next steps.

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