Why Is It Called "Plant" Hire?

   28 February 2022

The origin of the term “plant hire” is very much open to debate, but one popular theory is that the term stems from the Latin word “plantare”, which loosely translates into “plant into the ground” or “fixed in place”. The idea is that heavy machinery is often difficult to move and therefore fixed into the ground. Another suggestion is that the term is derived from the term “plant”, meaning factory.

The History Of Plant Hire

While there is no clear consensus on the root meaning of the phrase, there are several interpretations based on etymology (the study of the origins of words). Examples include "planta" from Latin, and “plante” from Old English.

“Plant hire” is commonly used in the construction industry to describe the rental of heavy machinery, tools, and other large specialist trade equipment. Machinery like diggers, excavators, front loaders, and dumpers are typical examples.

The hiring of heavy-duty construction equipment has become more popular since the mechanisation of the engineering industry around 1789. Before technological advances, shovels and primarily human labour were key to construction projects.

It is worth noting that the term is largely only used in the UK, and to a lesser extent in Australia. Other areas of the world use different terminology. For example, in the U.S., “construction equipment” or simply “machinery” is used.

digger in a field

Why You Should Hire Plant Machinery From JW Clark

Hiring plant machinery can be very worthwhile for businesses that need specialist equipment for construction projects. Plant rental is available for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. The benefits are outlined below:


?       Save Space — Businesses that hire machinery only when they require it can save valuable storage space within their premises. Once the project is over, the machinery is returned to the lender, rather than you needing to store it on site.


?       Secure Return on Investment — Renting plant machinery ensures a positive return on investment in comparison to purchasing. Since machinery is often highly expensive, this makes projects more cost-effective and less risky to undertake.


?       Take on Bigger Construction Projects — Users who may be reluctant to take on a large construction project due to a lack of equipment may consider plant hire as a credible option. By hiring specialist equipment, they can undertake more demanding construction tasks.


?       Sustain Cash Flow — Purchasing a large fixed asset like a digger can burn a hole in company finances. Hiring equipment on a short-term basis ensures businesses can sustain working cash flow while still investing in critical equipment.


?       Try Before Buying — Investing in heavy equipment can be costly. Renting for a set period allows users to test-drive the equipment to see if it is suitable without committing to an outright purchase. This gives users the time and space to see if the machinery is right for them.


Key Takeaway

There are many advantages to plant hire services over purchasing new equipment outright. Your business can sustain cash flow, save storage space, gain the ability to take on larger projects, and test if the equipment is right for your requirements without having to purchase it outright. To hire high-quality diggers, excavators, dumpers, and more in the Northampton area, visit JW Clark Ltd.

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