Why Consider Hiring Plant Equipment

   25 May 2023



KX015-4 Mini Digger orange

Why You Should Hire Plant Equipment From JW Clark Ltd

We’re all familiar with hiring plant & machinery when we need it, diggers & dumpers etc. And a lot of people aspire to hire their own plant & machinery. The main thing to consider is – will you use it? Of course, you will, but will you use it enough? Generally speaking, a piece of plant should be used most of the time if you are going to buy it, otherwise, you have valuable capital tied up in assets that aren’t being used to their full potential, which could be put to better use elsewhere.


Considerations Of Hiring Plant Equipment

That’s where plant hire companies come in, such as JW Clark Ltd. Let us own the asset and you just hire it when you need it! One problem people come across when buying plant is that there are many variants and different sizes of plant, whether it be a digger or a dumper, and you will need all of these varying sizes at different times. On one job you may need a 3-tonne digger and the next week you may need an 8-tonne digger. Another week you may need a micro digger to get around the back of somebody’s house. When you own a machine,  you’ll often try to use it just because you own it rather than hiring the one you need each time.

Another benefit of hiring plant, is that the hire company will be responsible for breakdowns etc. If your machine breaks down and you have a problem with it, you’ll need to pay somebody to come out and have a look at it, assuming you’re not technically minded yourself. And of course, the hire company has somebody who can come out, often at a moment’s notice. And with JW Clark’s relatively new fleet of machines, you are a lot less likely to suffer breakdowns. At the time of writing none of our machines are more than 3 years old, may of them being 2 years old or less, and the latest models and specifications.

At JW Clark Ltd we hire out diggers from small micro U-10s, all the way up to 8-tonne diggers. We hire out dumpers from 1 tonne skip loaders all the way up to 6 tonne dumpers, and we also hire out Track Barrows! These are ideal for works around the back of somebody’s house, for small landscaping jobs, they can tip up and out and are ideal for getting muck onto the back of a van or into a skip.

If you need any attachments for the diggers we hire out, we can supply these as well, including breakers and augers. We also hire out compaction equipment such as ride-on rollers and flat wackers.


Plant Equipment Hire At JW Clark

At JW Clark Ltd, we can often get a machine to you at very short notice, often the next day or same day in some instances. When you’re done with the machine, simply give us a ring or message us and we’ll off-hire it from the end of that day, normally coming to pick it up within 24 hours. And a service that we provide that is unique to JW Clark in the area – we can lift a small digger over a wall or over a fence! We can do that with a micro digger or a 1.5-tonne digger.

If you would like more information about the machines we hire out? You’ll find plenty of information about our services here. We look forward to speaking to you about any of your requirements

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