What Is Type 1 MOT?

   29 January 2021

What is Type 1 MOT?

Aggregates, otherwise known as hardcore aggregates, are the base layer laid under building works such as patios, driveways, paved sections etc. Aggregates can be made up of many different materials including gravel, sand, recycled concrete, topsoil and geosynthetics.

Type 1 MOT is an aggregate that can be made up of many different materials including limestone, crushed concrete and granite. There are many different types of type 1 MOT, mostly based upon size and material. It can be ordered in sizes such as 30mm down to limestone dust, or in even smaller sizes such as 2-6mm granite. The Type 1 MOT is available in 20Kg bags right up to multiple tonnes which allows access to orders from a homeowner building a patio or a large construction company. All of our Type 1 is Granite-type

What Does MOT Type 1 Aggregates Mean? 

The name that binds these types of aggregates together refers to the Ministry Of Transport (MOT). All aggregates sold as Type 1 MOT are approved to be used in the construction of highways and pavements as well as for private use. As an aggregate, Type 1 MOT compacts well and provides a solid base for many types of construction projects. Although not required for private groundworks, the MOT approval signifies that Type 1 aggregates have the properties required to provide a safe and reliable hardcore layer for your building project.




As well as being suitable for standard building projects such as patios or driveways, Type 1 MOT is also perfect for trench filling, backfilling and over-site fills.

Why Should I Use JW Clark For Type 1 MOT Aggregates? 

Here at JW Clark, we have years of experience in providing high-quality Type 1 MOT Aggregate to builders and DIY-ers alike across Northants and the surrounding counties, for all types of groundwork projects. Whether you are looking for a tonne or a lorry load or more, or even just one of our jumbo bags, then we can help you!

We have a wide range of lorries ready to deliver your aggregates no matter the size of the project, whether it be a small DIY at-home project or large-scale development. We even have an online aggregate calculator, so you can work out how much you’ll need beforehand!  

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, get in touch with our friendly team on 01933 628273 or head over to our contact page for more details.


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