Why You Should Hire A Mini Digger?

   30 January 2023

Mini diggers are a popular choice for a wide range of construction and landscaping projects. They are versatile and efficient machines that can make your project much easier and faster to complete. They are a cost-effective option for small projects and can be hired for as little as £190.00 + VAT per week.

Do I Need A Licence To Hire A Mini Digger?

The simple answer is no, not to hire one. There is no legal requirement for a licence to drive a mini-digger. Of course you must be reasonably competent in driving one, otherwise you’re not going to get the benefit from hiring one. And if you are hiring a digger and employing somebody else to drive it, you have to know that the operator is competent. Of course the best way is for them to have some kind of accreditation, similar to what may be termed a ‘licence’, but this is nothing like a driving licence issued by DVLA, it would be some kind of certification issued by a training body. If the operator does not hold any such certification, there is nothing legally stopping them from driving a digger that you have hired, but you must know that they are competent under Health & Safety regulations.  

If you want to drive a digger on the Highway then that’s a different question altogether. You will need a driving licence to drive a vehicle on the road, and it must cover you for the weight and type of vehicle or piece of plant. And in addition, the person would have to be ‘competent’, again by way of some kind of certification ideally or by you knowing that he was competent. 

If the digger is being driven on the Highway then it must also be insured, and for this reason you won’t often see a ‘tracked’ digger being driven on the road, you’d struggle to get insurance for it and in any case they only go a few miles per hour at most, which makes them unsafe and unsuitable for road use. What’s more, some tracked pieces of plant have metal tracks as opposed to rubber ones, which makes them even more unsuitable for road use. Wheeled plant such as a JCB 3CX are the only types of digger you would ordinarily drive down the road.

If you need to move a digger from one place or another, you will generally need a plant lorry, this is the best way to know that you are covered by law. We operate a service whereby we move not only our own plant, but also other people’s pieces of plant. Give us a call on 01933 628273 or email enquiries@jwclarkltd.co.uk  

If you are intending to use a mini digger on a large building site, there is a strong possibility that they will not accept that an operator is competent, without some kind of recognised certification. It is best to check with any such site prior to taking a mini-digger.


I've Never Used A Mini Digger Before - Can I Still Hire One?

You can. But again, are you going to gain sufficient use out of it if you have little or no experience? That said, we have known people to hire mini diggers because they want to practice using one, and we even hired one to a family who wanted their son and his friends to be able to sit on a digger, just for the experience. We also hire our machines out to a reputable training centre in Irthlingborough, Northamptonshire, where they train people in how to drive diggers, to then be able to issue them with certification. 

Our delivery driver can give you a few pointers when it comes to what levers do what, but it is advisable to have some minimum level of understanding in how to drive a digger before hiring one. 


How Do I Know What Size Mini Digger To Hire?

There are a variety of sizes when it comes to mini diggers. Here at JW Clark Ltd, we have plenty to choose from, and all of our mini diggers are equipped with the latest specifications. Some of our most popular plant hire products include:

  • Micro Digger U-10: This model is perfect for short term hire and has a maximum dig depth of 1800 mm in easy ground. This one is the smallest we do, it fits through a 750mm gateway and is ideal if you can’t easily get a bigger machine into where it’s required.

  • KX015-4 Mini Digger: This model is also fantastic for short term hire with a few extra benefits, and is ideal for landscaping jobs and small footings jobs. This digger's maximum dig depth is 2250 mm.

  • KX030-4 Generally known as a 3-tonne digger, this is more suited to slightly larger projects, where footings have to be dug a bit deeper or where the ground is particularly tough. Maximum dig depth of 2870mm but at 1500mm wide you’ll need better access than with the two above

To view our range of mini diggers available to hire today, please click here


Hire A Mini Digger From JW Clark Today!

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