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J W Clark Ltd first started operating as a company in 2002. Our aim has always been to provide a service second to none whereby the needs and the considerations of the customer are central to the way in which we operate. We only employ people who share and understand this philosophy and the genuine testimonials listed are testament to this.

Why You Should Hire A Mini Digger?
   30 January 2023

Mini diggers are a popular choice for a wide range of construction and landscaping projects. They are versatile and efficient machines that can make your project much easier and faster to complete.…

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What Is Plant Haulage?
   30 December 2022

In the world of construction, the term ‘plant’ refers to the equipment and machinery used in industrial operations, be it factory work, on a building site, or in and around the transportation industry. Haulage, meanwhile, focuses on movement…

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How Much Does An 8-Wheel Grab Lorry Hold?
   24 November 2022

This is a question we get asked every day. Just to go round the houses a bit first, an 8-wheel grab lorry can - when fully loaded - weigh 32 tonnes. That’s 32 metric tonnes. No if, no buts, no exceptions, in the UK it’s 32 tonnes for an 8-wheeler.…

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Why Would I Need A Grab Lorry?
   20 October 2022

Unlike a standard tipper lorry or ‘straight tipper’, a grab lorry has a hydraulic arm with a ‘clamshell’ or ‘grab’ attachment on the end. This allows the lorry to load itself as opposed to a ‘straight’ tipper lorry which needs a large digger…

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How Much Aggregate Do I Need?
   22 September 2022

Decorative aggregates are beautifully designed small stones or stone chippings designed to decorate outdoor spaces. They come in many forms depending on the colours…

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Things to Consider When Hiring Plant Equipment
   24 August 2022

Buying plant equipment outright isn’t always the most feasible or sensible solution, especially if you only need the equipment every now and then. There are lots of plant hire companies out there supplying…

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Is A Grab Lorry Cheaper Than A Skip?
   29 July 2022

When it comes to waste management, grab hire and skip hire are two of the most popular options. They are both effective methods and are highly convenient for both domestic and commercial purposes, making it difficult to know which one to choose. For…

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Is Paver Sand the Same as Building Sand?
   20 April 2022

If you’re undertaking a building project, there’s a high chance you’ll need to use sand. To the untrained eye, sand may appear to all be the same, but this isn’t the case. If…

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What Are The 4 Main Types Of Aggregates?
   17 March 2022

If you’re undertaking any type of groundwork or construction, you’ll likely hear the term ‘aggregate’ a lot. There are different types of aggregates that all have their own unique…

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Why Is It Called "Plant" Hire?
   28 February 2022

The origin of the term “plant hire” is very much open to debate, but one popular theory is that the term stems from the Latin word “plantare”, which loosely translates into “plant…

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What Is Type 1 MOT?
   29 January 2021

What is Type 1 MOT? Aggregates, otherwise known as hardcore aggregates, are the base layer laid under building works such as patios, driveways,…

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What Is Building Sand?
   31 December 2020

What Is Building Sand? As all good builders know, their work relies on plenty of different tools and lots of different materials. However, it’s not always just about cement and brickwork. Have you ever come across

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Our 8 Wheel Grab Lorry Drivers
   16 May 2018

I recently spent a day out with one of our 8 wheel grab lorry drivers to witness what a normal day in the office means to him…  I…

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Our New Site is Live!
   20 August 2017

Welcome to our shiny new website! We will be adding some new blogs for the Groundwork Section soon, so please make sure you come back and see what we have been up to!

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Easter Opening
   5 April 2017

Easter Opening - We are Open… We are Open as usual Good Friday for collections and deliveries! - We are Closed… We are closed Easter Sunday & Monday. Wishing you all a very…

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Construction News
   28 March 2017

Construction News March 17 Balfour Beatty: Five things to look for in full-year results Balfour Beatty will report its full-year results for 2016 on Thursday. But what will competitors and investors be looking for in…

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We’ve Moved Offices!
   25 January 2017

Out with the old in with the new! This February sees us moving into our new offices @ our Drive-In & Collect yard in Irthlingborough. We moved into our old offices when we first opened the Drive-In & collect…

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